Frequently asked questions

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kiteboarding is “faster” than learning to windsurf in kiteboarding you will learn the kite flying and waterstart in the first few days. in windsurfing you need a month just planning with out footstraps. windsurfing is more expencieve sport than kitesurfing and totally Save !

Because the water is shallow there is great distance and the stundents are not tired.Τhe time that you need to learn to us  in another place you need twice time of learning.

  We use Two Way Waterproof Radio Helmets, It is a real time coaching tool which allows the instructor to instantly train and provide feedback to the student and that allow student to replay and ask in real time too. you learn faster and more efficient.

Τhe distance from Tolo to Nafplion is less than 10 kilometers. We come and get you free

You should plan to stay for a week; if the wind is good, a week will be enough time for you

There are many fine Greek tavernas in the Nea Kios  front of the sea with tratitional  seafood, also you can visit the Argos the ancient city as well Nafplio with night life, Mycenae and Epidaurus

Yes all the License and insurance  available to all.  Beware of those who deceive customers with learning and renting services with out any Water Sports License and without Insurance. Caution because they do not provide you with any safety.