Radical Kite Center with 12 years of presence occupied with kitesurfing, It"s the best spost in Greece because the water is very shallow, flat long distance left right with sandy bottom, the students dont get tired and they feel amazing.We will take care off the highest quality of your training,as well as safety for beginners, kids and advanced ones. The wind is stable thermic throughout whole summer. Located in Nea Kios Nafplio Argolida is easily accesible and almost one and half hours away from Athens we open from April to October. Radical Kite Center is situated in Argolida, more specifically on the 5th km of the coast avenue which leads from Nafplion to Nea Kios. We are the only Kite Surfing Center that's so close to Athens. Only one & a half hours away from the national airport of Athens, easily accessible by bus. All through past years we have developed a unique training method for kite-boarding. We are able to take you from a beginner's level all the way up to the advanced one, or if you already are familiar with the sport we can even take you further than that in a matter of days. Our experience also gives us the potential to guide even kids  (Kids Program)  from the age of 10 and teach them to learn with safety. Radical Kite Center is the only company in south Greece with a certified license since 2005. it is all about you trusting us and us passing on to you our experience !               Our Kiteboarding Packages and Lessons